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CSI Medical Billing, Inc
CSI Medical Billing, Inc.
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About Us

CSI Medical Billing Delivering Cost-Effective SolutionsTo Your Billing Headaches Since 1986

In 1986, Mitchell Trenczer started his own medical billing service that would become CSI Medical Billing. Mitch leveraged his experience in computer programming and hospital billing to deliver an exceptional value in billing to doctors. In 2004, Robert Trenczer brought his experience as an expert in organizational efficiency and quality to the firm. Together they offer unique capabilities unsurpassed in the medical billing industry. It is these skill sets that enable them to deliver the pinnacle of service at rates that will truly make you smile. CSI is large enough to guarantee prompt processing of your claims; however, they will never lose that personal touch.

About Robert Trenczer

Bobby joined the company in 2004. He attended West Point and graduated from MIT. At Ford Motor Company, he helped save more than a million dollars annually as a Certified 6-Sigma Blackbelt – a trained expert in quality and efficiency. As a partner at CSI, he has automated many processes including data entry, error-checking, claim denial processing, and customized reporting.

About Mitchell Trenczer

Mitchell has been in the medical billing field for over 30 years. He began as a programmer for hospital billing systems and ended his hospital career as the director of computer operations. In 1986, he started his own medical billing service. His billing experience includes primary care, specialty, surgical and anesthesia practices.