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Maximize Your Return From Electronic Medical Records

Electronic Medical Records (EMR) software solutions are quickly becoming commonplace in medical practices. Despite the benefits of EMR, you still need a capable billing staff to maximize your collections. Insurance companies will still erroneously deny or lose claims. Finding and fixing electronic filing errors is more complex than the traditional process. Your staff will spend more time on the phones and less with patients. Click here to view our presentation and learn more.

With CSI as your partner, you and your staff can focus on treating patients and building your practice. CSI will file your claims, post your insurance payments, and bill your patients. Additionally, we will use our expertise in electronic claims transmission to solve day-to-day frustrations as well as complex problems. We will utilize our expertise in claims management and follow-up to make sure all rejections are properly appealed and processed to maximize your income. Read More

Why Outsource?

The business of running a medical practice grows more difficult every day. The goal of providing superior healthcare remains constant, but your staff 's time is pulled in multiple directions as they care for patients, answer phones, troubleshoot technology, manage the office and bill for services. Pressure mounts as they face the complexities of complying with insurance billing standards. Claims are prepared, submitted Read More